Parallel Sports Inc. has a strong belief in considering the ideas expressed by members to implement and development sporting and recreational programs. Parallel Sports Inc. believes youth participation is essential to the growth of the club, and an essential aspect is meeting the needs and issues of young people. Parallel Sports Inc. fosters the participation of all family members in providing sporting and recreational opportunities for all.


Parallel Sports Inc. aims to ensure that staff/volunteers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide supportive programs for specific target groups. All volunteers will be adequately trained and informed of the expectations required of them. Training is tailored for the participant to meet their individual needs.

Cultural Sensitivity

Parallel Sports Inc. embraces the cultural differences of all members and visitors to the club. Cultural sensitivity will apply when planning and facilitating programs.


Parallel Sports Inc. is committed to ensuring their members voices are heard within the community. Should the need arise, the club will provide advocacy for and support members in situations where they are not able to do so themselves.


Confidentiality will be respected, within the bounds of the law, to all persons who access the club.


Parallel Sports Inc. believes that empowered people are more capable of taking control and directing their own lives. The club strives to equip members with knowledge and skills, enabling them to make decisions for themselves.


Parallel Sports Inc believes that respect for all others is essential to achieving the outcomes and goals of the club. All members are expected to interact with common courtesy and treat each other in a way they would like to be treated. Disrespectful behavior, in any form, will not be tolerated.


Parallel Sports Inc. believes that flexibility is an important aspect in running and providing programs for diverse individuals. The club strives to always be prepared to adapt programs around members needs.


Parallel Sports Inc. values the power of mentorship and it’s positive contribution to an individuals’ skill development. The club encourages the opportunity for members to work along side and be guided by mentors.


Parallel Sports Inc. values equality in all aspects of the club and its programs.


Parallel Sports Inc. believes in a non-judgmental approach to all.

The club respects the uniqueness of each individual and their experiences