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Parallel Sports Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation situated in Geelong, operated by volunteers who pride themselves in providing support and engaging individuals with physical disabilities, helping them to connect with community based sports.

Our organisation has a strong local community focus and is affiliated with many local service providers, schools, sports and recreation organisations. We facilitate a social mixed wheelchair basketball competition plus ongoing school and community group programs whilst also being involved in the provision of adaptive equipment for people with a mobility disability throughout the region for sports including: wheelchair tennis, racing and athletics, hand cycling, wheelchair rugby and rowing.

Parallel Sports Inc. hosts and and can connect participants with a wide range of sporting opportunities. Check out all the sports activities we have scheduled and on offer and get involved today!

General Enquiries

If you'd like to learn more about Parallel Sports or have more questions please contact Kaye Colman on 0427 442 909 or check out our Contact Us page for other specific enquiries.